06 August, 2010

Afghan Apples

Soldiers are a bit reserved, and you have to break the ice. It takes some time. But the only way to do it is to do just what they do, and never complain about anything. This is the only way to gain their respect. Slowly, they became more comfortable.

We went on patrols, and it’s gotten to the point where they would not look at me cautiously and I was able to get that intimacy that is required to produce good photographic journalistic work.

This day we were out on patrol in Paktika Province for about seven hours, and it was about 100 degrees. Thank God it was dry, but with the helmet and equipment it was exhausting.

So we decided to take a break. Some guys secured the perimeter and the rest of the group decided to have a five-minute break. And that’s when this guy sat and leaned against this apple tree. I saw my picture so I hit the dirt and took a couple pictures before he looked at me.

(via New York Times Lens.)

(photos from Dima Gavyrsh.)