17 August, 2010

Shameless Self-Aggrandizement: NoKo Edition

I guess even North Korea has a twitter now. Time to shoot ourselves into space or just give up now. Or go insane. I don't know. Knowing that North Korea, the world's crazy shut-in uncle, has a twitter makes me feel like I want to both gnaw off my own leg and rejoice to the heavens at the same time.

I'll probably end up doing neither.

Recently, since I have fuck all going on with my life, I, like the militarized hermit state, have been thinking about how I can get my twitter to get traffic to my blog and my blog to get traffic to my twitter and my Facebook to my twitter and blah blah blah. Thinking about this type of crap makes me think of that one It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where the gang tries to start its own economy by printing Paddy bucks. It's a lot like that. What I'm doing is basically trying to whip up nothing into something without spending any sort of energy or time, just like they did, but in my case its with a bit less laughter.

My point is A) Go to my twitter and follow it, and B) NoKo having a twitter can only result in making my day better.

I guess I should link NoKo's twitter, but fuck it, it's North Korea.