22 August, 2010

That's Quite a Damn Ways

A few months back a British sniper broke the world record for a sniper shot.
Craig Harrison's record breaking shots felled the insurgents with consecutive bullets - even though they were 3,200ft beyond the official range of his rifle.

The Household Cavalry veteran's kills from a distance of 8,120ft beat the previous record by 150ft.

He was using the British-built L115A3 Long Range Rifle, the Army's most powerful sniper weapon.

The best part about this whole situation is that the press photo the Daily Mail had on hand. It looks like it belongs in a year book somewhere, not alongside a recording breaking kill shot.

And in the sake of fairness, apparently there's a Taliban sniper bugging the US Marines in Afghanistan. It's an interesting and frightening story to think about until you realize that, as a rule, the Taliban can't shoot for shit and the legend of the Afghan marksman has yet to be repeated since 1842. Plus, they can't drop 500 pound bombs on anyone.

(found via Abu Muqawama.)