23 November, 2010

Because My Main Thing is Now Posting Trailers

At least when I repurpose these things for my own, almost non-existant benefit, they're supposed to be spread around.

Obviously, because I'm posting this, I would go and see this, but the main reason I'm actually putting it up here is because I'm trying to figure out where the song in the second half of the trailer is from? I want to say it's either Moby or from the movie Sunshine. That's almost purely guessing on my part and I can't make an argument for my feeling that way other than the fact that I have a "feeling," which, if you know me I will tell you, doesn't count for a whole hell of a lot.

Edit: Alright, if I had waited another twelve seconds I would have been rewarded with the credit "Music by Moby." So, as it turns out, I was right. I just need to listen to my heart more often and it will show me the way.

Doube Edit: I really like the font and layout used for the film's title. I'm going to make a mental note to rip that off one of these days.