12 December, 2010

I Don't Know What This Is


I've started compiling images of art and bits of interesting typography for a science fiction story I want to write. I'm not sure exactly why I'm doing it, other than thinking that what I'm looking at is rather cool and I want my story to look rather cool (or really cool, if all goes well). While I haven't done much more than jot notes down and design a logo (I should really find out about how one copyrights something), I know that it's going to be really important to make this world look futuristic and the best way I can think of designing a fresh, interesting world isn't to mess around with what kind of jumpsuits people wear or the shape of their spaceships, but the basic stuff.

How do their bus stops look? What font will be annoying and over used in the future? How do you make ads new and interesting to a world that's probably more than a little jaded on ads.

I guess I just think it'd be interesting to make a world (admittedly lifted from about a dozen different sources, some more ruthlessly than others) that looks like one big sack of graphic design with a working, interesting plot as a way into it.

Why shouldn't the future look cool?

(Static movement from We Are Not You.)