30 December, 2010


For those that don't know who Moebius is, you're missing out.

He's been around for at least thirty years. He's a French artist and his formative work (or at least the work that got him noticed over here, in the Anglophone part of the world) was done in Heavy Metal/Metal Hurlant magazine. If you can't tell, he's a fantastic illustrator, but don't take my word for it. During the production of Alien, Ridley Scott used a lot of his illustrations as inspiration for what the future might look like.

I personally love his work because most of it is presented entirely out of context. I don't know why there's a guy flying around on a teradactyl, but it sure looks cool. And, oh, hey, there's some cowboys and some pace pyramids and a guy fighting a giant flea in a Roman arena.

Moebius mixes, for me, mixes this inspirational aspect with simple, beautiful draftsmanship. He is more or less the illustrator everyone should try to be-- at least in terms of aesthetics.