13 January, 2011

Who the hell are these people?

I'm not a massive music guy. I might seem like I know anything about music, but that's only probably because I am this skinny ans wear glasses. The reality is that I am severely uninformed about music. I know what I like-- and I'd like to think it's fairly idiosyncratic-- but, the reality is that I'm about a step above the average KROQ listener.

I'm a luddite.

I know movies. I know comics. If pushed, I even know painting and authors, but music is this whole other front that I have no business talking about. I am not expert, but I know what I like.

One of the things I like is Under the Blacklight from Rilo Kiley.

For whatever reason the hipster community shat on this album and that bugs me. It's a good album. At the very least it has got a few solid singles. What's more is that it isn't mired in all of these depressing, semi-bisexual ballads like Fire for Foxes was (which is an album I like, but don't want to listen to very often*).

*Belle and Sebastian is the same exact way. They've got some incredible pop songs and some incredible dirges, but there's a small selection of those songs I actually want to listen to on a regular basis.

SUB NOTE: Both of these videos are pretty crappy, but I'll stand by that album and that band.

SUB-SUB NOTE: Apparently, when my sister was sobering up in NA in the mid-to-late-90's she was in rehab with Jenny Lewis. As I'm told she drove a Chevy Malibu to her meetings, which-- that's right-- is the same car that Vincent Vega drove in Pulp Fiction, as well as the same car my day still drive today.