16 July, 2011

Had to Get Out

I'm glad this showed up on my shuffle, because this more or less sums up this Carmaggedon debacle, which more or less sums up all of the things wrong with this fucking county.

"Los Angeles" is a perfect LA song from a fantastic LA band. It had the perfect blend of enmity and affection that defines the Los Angeles resident. We hate this city. We hate all of the things that are wrong with it and that our government refuses to fix or change and yet, for some reason-- maybe a few reasons-- we stay.

Even if you don't give a shit about LA or Carmageddon (lucky you), "Los Angeles" is still a brilliant song. I have no doubts that there are people in London and Shanghai and Valenica and wherever else that love this song.

Anyways, I don't quite mind Carmageddon, because I got to talk about X and, even better, I got a date out of the damn thing.

Dear Firefox Los Angeles are words. They've been words for thousands for years and what's more is that it's been a city for about four hundred years. It's always funny to me to hear that America doesn't have history. I know it's an Eddie Izzard quip, but it still bugs me. Of course America has history. Of course we do. Los Angeles was taken over by the Spanish and a mission was set up a good four hundred years ago, but unlike Europe with its history, we have a native population. Europe doesn't have a native population because they are the native population. I realize I'm creating a strawman here, but, as stated above as much shit as I talk about my home city and my home county, I love it to death. And I won't hear an ill-informed word about it.

California is unique because it predates the thirteen colonies. We've been hear for a long fucking time. We do have history. And even if the Spanish didn't arrive we still would have our native population, which has a history as significant as any other peoples'. Sure they didn't leave statues or colossuses or temples except in rare cases, but that doesn't mean America doesn't have history. I don't know what I'm arguing for or against right now. I just know that LA and California as a whole has a history unlike the rest of the United States. I suppose shit states like Utah and North Dakota can claim this, as well, so maybe it doesn't matter that much.

On the other hand we make movies, so fuck you North Dakota. You wanna fight about it?

As crappy as the traffic is, as high as the taxes are, as on fire as the mountains are I cannot help but love this fucking place.