19 September, 2011

How to Dress Like a Victorian Soldier

This is incredibly useful for research, you really have no idea.

I'm obsessed with the Victorian Era as a rule anyways, but it helps that I've been writing a story that involves Victorian soldiers for about. . . oh, three years? And it feels like every other week I find out something new that I didn't know before. It's kind of depressing, the fact that you're staking your intelligence and talent on something that you don't really understand or can't understand or won't understand.

There's a lot of gaps in knowledge regarding the era and setting I'm writing about and it isn't like Vietnam or WWII or even the modern era where everything is mechanically recorded and filed away. Back then, good luck. If you've got a question about leather work or dungarees or the jackets on ammunition good fucking luck, pal.

Even uniforms are horrific to figure out. That is only because I feel like if I were British, it would be something I would know. As it stands it's a vast, goddamn mystery. I feel like a fool not knowing the most basic make-up of the Victorian soldier. My only solace is that there's some lame British kid living in Northhampton trying to write a story about the Civil War and keeps hitting his head against the wall.

I can only pray this is how life works for everyone else.