20 January, 2012

Just a Thought

I like to collect things. It's a gene that, like my nascent alcoholism, I have been given by both sides of my family. My grandfather, as a product of the Great Depression, had a big enough house that, when he finally passed away, he couldn't be considered a hoarder and my dad-- well-- my dad is a professional collector. I would have this roof over my head if it wasn't for his proclivities when it comes to buying shit.

One of the things I collect are heroes. It helps me figure out what the hell is going on with my life. Or the world. Or whatever. They give me goals and guidelines and they give me the kind of counseling that usually costs a lot of money.

So, as an exercise, I wanted to list my heroes, the people I look up to, the people I try my best to model myself after. They're also the people I feel inferior to and in my more sober moments, feel horrible about not measuring up to.

Here we go, my heroes:
John Huston
Cormac McCarthy
Graham Green
Alan Moore
Teddy Roosevelt
George Carlin

I cut a bunch out, mostly because I didn't want to pad it out. I try to be a person who values quality over quantity. That doesn't happen all the time, though. Ack! I really wish I could write more! Now I just feel like an idiot who doesn't know what the fuck he wants in life! That's no good.