01 May, 2012

Sic Transit Gloria

After watching Aliens with my friend the other night she asked me what the deal with Marines was.Specifically she wanted to know why the Corps seemed to develop nuts at a higher rate, seemingly, than the other branches of military service.

I told her that I thought they got that reputation for a few reasons. The obvious one being they've been through some shit over the past ten years for some, well, questionable reasons. That'll wear thin on anyone and it has, regardless of what organization they're serving under. The second being the Marines cultivate that kind of a thing whether intentionally or unintentionally because they have to make due. There's a quote (and I don't remember where I heard it, sorry) that goes something like "The Navy has ships, the Air Force has planes, the Army has guns, and the Marines have pride." Or maybe "tradition." Oh well. The point's the same.

Lastly it's because the Corps is actually crazy. They put time and effort towards being crazy. That's how they get their reputation. That is how they get their respect. And, it's because of dude's like this that they get respect. Dude parachuted into a storm and lived.

That is why marines are "crazy."

And thank God for that.