29 March, 2011

How Not to Kill Yourself

1. The middle is the worst part. The first paragraph of a novel is the easiest part to write. I think there is a place towards the end where you pick up momentum because there is a sense that it will be over in the foreseeable future. The middle part just blows. It's like being lost in a wood of words. I have no idea what the "solution" is here other than to say knowledge that the middle is the hardest part may help. Or not.

I always love writing advice. It's rarely ever not helpful to me. Read the rest here.

23 March, 2011

18 March, 2011

A Man's Gotta Eat

16 March, 2011

This is Me Phoning It In

God, that's a great movie.

12 March, 2011

The Life That I Have

The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause

For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours
And yours

02 March, 2011

This Week in He Say You Brade Runnah

Somebody is looking to make some Blade Runner license and muck about with it.

I really don't know how to feel about this. It's like when a gay guy starts hitting on you, but your car is also broken down.

I guess this is good, right? This is what I want, right?

01 March, 2011

The Worst Shit You'll See All Day

The fuck?

The Coolest Shit You'll See All day

Other than the fact that they clearly caught a manatee and not a shark, John Hurt talking about eskimos fishing is radical as hell.