20 May, 2012

You Don't Even Know What Spot This is Hitting

Oh, man. If I was a crazy, idiot millionaire, I'd buy this property up and reboot it for an audience that doesn't care nor should they ever.

12 May, 2012

Happy Birthday, George

For the record George Carlin is the best.

11 May, 2012

This is the Avengers Entry

I just got out of Marvel's The Avengers (or if you're from Europe Marvel's Avengers Assemble) and I will get to my opinion of the film, but in light of the things that

Here are the facts:
I went to beverages and more and ran into my friend Simon Estrada. He is a talented artist. I then bought a Tsing Tao and a bottle of Cutty Sark.

I got a burrito, ate that burrito, filled my flask up, and watched half of Community (sorry, I will check it out on Hulu).

I went and watched Marvel's The Avengers (because I refuse to not spell out its stupid, stupid title).

Afterwards I went to the adjacent Yard House and got a Guinness.I thought about getting two, but then again I drained that Sark flask and had to get home to a dog and a cat and hell.

I chatted with a couple.

That is always precious. Talk to people. That is why I hate clubs and trendy bars. It casts off basic humanity. Nobody should or would or could talk to anybody there. That is why I talked to this couple.

Damnit. We are none of us misanthropes.

Side note: Is friendship necessarily a thing? Must it be?

We move on.

After befriending said couple and chatting about sports (they agree that the Yankees are Hitler youth and the Red Soxes are from Boston) the bar hit last call and I gave them a tour of Old Town Pasadena and ended up at Barney's Beanery. We talked. We touched hands. He went to the bathroom.

And that is when I was informed that I was leading him on. Suddenly one or two stray comments made sense. As it turned out we were due for a threeway. I was the catalyst for the threeway. Alright. I let the lady know that, sorry, that was not my scene, hon. I was, unfortunately, straight. The fellow returned. Then I went to the bathroom.

Holy crap, dude, I am in a bathroom. I do the bathroom thing and finish up and walk back up the stairs. There is a local looking dude. I appraise him. "Hey, man, I don't know. That sounds like a situation." I know, right. "Yeah!" Yup.

I am in a situation. It is official.

I rejoin with said couple.The guy pays the bill and we head out and I decide to guide them to their hotel, them being out-of-towners to varying degrees. There is no way I'm letting people tell their neighbors that LA (Pasadena) is full of assholes. Never that. Also, hey, if Israel can find peace so can we. I am no ideologue.

We part ways.

I call up my friend Alex and talk to him about this. We do. Then we talk about other things. That goes on for some time.

I decide to write about this.

And here we are. Afterwards, I write about this and then decide to write a worthwhile version of this story in addition to a short story based on this experience because, man, what the fuck vibe is it I am giving off?

Apparently not a vibe, but A Vibe. The Vibe, even, something that makes Chaos Theory a doctorate.

It's weird.I don't even get carded anymore. And that preclude the Ralph's on Colorado. They know my ass by now, shamefully. They know me for my dad too. But bars I have never been to don't even card me> The hell? And first of all, what hell?

I realize this comes hot on the heels of a woman my mom's age (but not looking like it) propositioning a situation where she might teach me things that younger women do not know. This happened at the Rancho. This is a fact. There is more to this. I'd tell you what but it'd get in the way.

My life amounts to something 19 year old me would have begged for. It is madness and I am grateful that he never ran into these things.I could never make up this shit and as I get older and less creative the only things I can truly put to paper are the mistakes that I remember not making, because, seriously, this might as well be the Gomorrah that killed Lot's wife. And she had not tales to tell.

It'd be a curse if it wasn't so silly.

08 May, 2012

Let this be a place holder

I want to talk about the death fo MCA and how much the Beastie Boys mean to me, but, currently, I don't have the energy for it (I am writing other things).

I just want to post this because I like it

And for the record I do love the Beastie Boys more than you. So don't fuck with me on this one, pal.

Life is too precious and wondrous and the work of the Beastie Boys don't deserve any sort pause for qualifications. They were great. Any and all tributes are welcome. If you don't like it, then move on. But, anyways, an American treasure died on Friday, let's try and act like human beings about it.

They lived and died to party, so let's go do that.

02 May, 2012

I Can't Say I've Seen Something Like This Before

Alright. I'm down. Bring the release date.

Mad Man Future

Sometimes the dumbest ideas are the coolest.

(This is about a person planning to build an underground park in New York City. Yup. Chew on that, John Carpenter.)

01 May, 2012

Sic Transit Gloria

After watching Aliens with my friend the other night she asked me what the deal with Marines was.Specifically she wanted to know why the Corps seemed to develop nuts at a higher rate, seemingly, than the other branches of military service.

I told her that I thought they got that reputation for a few reasons. The obvious one being they've been through some shit over the past ten years for some, well, questionable reasons. That'll wear thin on anyone and it has, regardless of what organization they're serving under. The second being the Marines cultivate that kind of a thing whether intentionally or unintentionally because they have to make due. There's a quote (and I don't remember where I heard it, sorry) that goes something like "The Navy has ships, the Air Force has planes, the Army has guns, and the Marines have pride." Or maybe "tradition." Oh well. The point's the same.

Lastly it's because the Corps is actually crazy. They put time and effort towards being crazy. That's how they get their reputation. That is how they get their respect. And, it's because of dude's like this that they get respect. Dude parachuted into a storm and lived.

That is why marines are "crazy."

And thank God for that.