31 October, 2010

So It Goes

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30 October, 2010

"Story of My Life"

This has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Actually, I take that back-- It doesn't have to be, it is. It's a song about looking back at life and it is this perfect mix of meloncholy and happiness. The past isn't this great bastion that we need to escape back to and it isn't this craphole that we're all lucky to escape from. The past is just this imperfect piece of ourselves and its as relevant as anything else. In general that sums up my feelings on life.

I think I bought this album during my senior year of high school. Social Distortion's self titled album, along with Johnny Cash's Live at Folsom Prison and When the Man Comes Around pretty much defined that period of my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do or really who I was (and not really in an abstract way, either, but that's another entry for another time). I had obviously heard the song dozens of times on KROQ over the years, but buying the album brought the songs a bit closer to me. I could go on and on about it (quite easily, in fact), but all of that is just going to get in the way of me wanting to express my affection for this song (and that album).

It's a great piece of art and even if it didn't strike a chord with my personally, it's a fun piece of rock n' roll, which is more than most pop music can ever claim.

28 October, 2010


This is almost the perfect photograph. I can't quiet figure out what it's missing.

(photo by Aysha Banos.)

26 October, 2010


People are pretty awesome, aren't they?

23 October, 2010

Finally on DVD

It was a different time, really.

(Now available via Warner Brothers Archive.)

20 October, 2010


I kind of don't give a shit about this movie (unless it's got way more Karl Jung than I think there is), but just look at this still. It's crazy. That's Aragorn right there.

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18 October, 2010

This Should Be Helpful

Dictionary.com has a twitter account, while I tend to stick with Merriam-Webster for my online definition needs, they still manage to put out some relatively interesting material out. For example, today they created twelve flashcards for types of extra sensory perception.

retrocognate--being or pertaining to memory or extrasensory perception of past events.

This is pretty cool. This is some full-blown Dune-type shit going on right here.


Being a man is sometimes about wrecking the lives of people who more or less deserve it and not giving a damn about it. Case in point.
As a Flying Officer on 24th August, 1940:
“Ran into a bunch of Huns over the Thames Estuary. Had a bang at Me 110 but had to break away as tracer was coming over my head from another behind me. He appeared to be hitting his fellow-countryman in front of me but I didn’t wait to see if he shot him down. Had a crack at another and shot his engine right out of the wing. Lovely

That's pretty fucking awesome.

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17 October, 2010

Good Night and Good Luck

16 October, 2010

At Speed

“Unknown rider, unknown race. At speed.” –caption by Dean Adams.

I want a motorcycle. But I also don't want to get turned into road jelly. What a conundrum.

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15 October, 2010

My Future Home

Home of art director John Holmes (not that John Holmes), designed by William Kirsch, is made entirely from used parts incl. 85 stained glass windows.

I think a lot about what my compound in Montana is going to look like when I strike it big as a successful comic writer/gun-for-hire/explorer/gigolo. I imagine it'll probably have a pool, an armory, and, if I can manage it, something to hold my biplane collection. Basically it'd look like the inside of Wes Anderson's head, except that you wouldn't get annoyed with it after going there for longer than seven hours. It'll also have a tabletop Ms. Pac-Man game. I have to think this way, because I've been spoiled about my living situation since birth.

I come from a rather unusual living situation, which isn't so much that every place I will ever move to is a step down, but that the house I grew up with is the Addam's Family Manor. It's covered from top to bottom with taxidermied animals and has more ancient wood in it than the Playboy Mansion (Hi-yo!). There are few places that measure up to it, especially when you're as weird as I happen to be.

I want my future home to be lousy with decapitated animals and muzzle-loaded weaponry. That's just who I am.

I'd love this house a lot more if it wasn't for my folks. If only there was a way to live there without having to deal with them-- I know! Murder! Thank you, internet, you always know what I need to hear.

13 October, 2010

Fuck These Pricks

This is why I was late for work today.

They're going on The List.

I'd also like to point out the complete lack of LAPD's internationally famous brand of police brutality. I mean, if there were ever a time to use it, it would have been there. You can do many things in LA that you can't do anywhere else on Earth, but one of the immutable rules around here is that you do not fuck with our traffic. It just isn't done.

11 October, 2010

You know what?

They're right, Banksy does come off as a bit of a cock.

Because I'm hip and I know who Bansky is.

10 October, 2010


From "Hidden" by Michael Tummings.

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Words From the Maestro

"Feel the prophecy of a woman being sexy. . ."

09 October, 2010

Hey, Bart, Just Thought You'd Like to See My Chainsaw and Hockey Mask!

The main reason I want to have kids is to basically have someone I can fuck with on a 24 hour basis and they don't have the option to leave the house. I guess that this is probably a contributing factor as to why I'm single right now. But that's neither here, nor there. This, though, this is fucking awesome, even though I'm a tad bit skeptical about the dad just happening to have a gas powered chainsaw (as opposed to an electric one). The kids' reaction seems genuine though, which is enough justification for me to enjoy this.

Le Cine De Lahore

We aren't ever going to beat these people in a war. We airbrush photos of Katherine Heigel, they paint up pictures of over-weight, middle aged men covered in blood.
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I Found Out What I Want to Do In Life

This. This is it.

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

Whatever I'm doing with my life, I'm clearly doing wrong.