12 December, 2010

Gay, Occupied Paris

Click here if you want to see full color photos of Paris during the German occupation (or one of them, anyways).

This looks like the singularly least fun New Wave film that ever was.

The color on those is rather amazing. Not that color photos during WWII surprises me (color footage does, though, I mean, come on, that's amazing), but the variety of color is strange. It reminds me of Kodak Kodachrome. That's probably because of each stock's respective age (and subject matter) and not because of their actual visual qualities. It's just amazing to see one color version of the past look so different from another version of the past, when each subject, each time over laps. I guess it's like seeing Technicolor versus black and white. Each film stock gives off a different feeling that I really can't put my finger on.

Either way, I'm stealing all of this for the WWII comic. This you can be assured.