17 February, 2012

Un Phrophet

It's basically science fiction Conan if both the science fiction and Conan did some acid and then got thrown into a cock fight and then all of that was boiled down into some sort of an unction. Yeah. That's exactly what this is. Prophet is a fun comic. Whenever I encounter a book I basically come back to the same non-thought which is: This is what comics are supposed to be.

For whatever that's worth, it's a recommendation.

Actually, I take some of what I said back-- It isn't a totally insane book. Orc Stain is a totally insane book. As I understand it Tale of Sand is also an extra in Shock Corridor, but this book is actually completely straight forward. In its art, in its telling, it is stellar from start to finish. It's clean, it's coherent, and it's a lot of fun. So, you know what, yeah-- This is what comics are supposed to be.

On a meta-level, though, it doesn't make any real sense that this book exists. First off, it's also total fucking insanity that this issue is given the number #21. Prophet, as a book, hasn't existed in about twenty years. I imagine it got cancelled for a reason and I imagine I've never heard of it for more or less the same reason.

In terms of counter-programming against DC's complete re-numbering across the line it still seems crazy. It all seems crazy. What remains the craziest fact of all-- the craziest fact ahead of all else, ruling over the rest of the crazy facts from a throne made out of discarded phone books and cat droppings-- is that this is a Rob Liefeld creation and it's good. It's really fucking good.

There's nothing about that should work. This book is fun and, so far, it works as more than a pleasant surprise. Go ahead and pick it up. The second printing is out now. If you don't like it, then fuck you. I don't know what to tell you. Get your head out of your ass, maybe. You slimeball.