04 April, 2012

Damn your Heiney!

Apparently James Bond is going to be drinking beer in the new movie. Apparently, like everything, this is an outrage, which is strange. It used to be that a woman had to get raped and murdered for an outrage to occur and that came to be because the words "raped and murdered" were too vulgar for polite consumption (the same goes for "white slavery" because no white person wants their poor women to be equated with the half-breeds and such that "prostitute" themselves. I mean, perish the thought).

It's absurd. James Bond has been a tool of corporate consumption since he was first incepted. That's almost the entire point of the guy. He's a violent, glamorous ad exec that saves the world. He's Don Draper with an accent and he always has been. To make a poo-poo out of what he drinks is ridiculous.

Even if this was an issue-- and it is because Heineken is a crap beer and what kind of an upper class gent would drink that swill?-- I don't really care because Skyfall is looking to be a good movie. It's got a solid director and more quality actors than you can shake a stick at.

What's more is I believe it is going to be good because of the video below. Look at that gal. She isn't blinking. That's significant. That means somebody put the care and effort into this movie's action. I just watched an action movie (the name of which I cannot remember, sorry) and whenever the characters fired they started blinking. You almost have to when you fire a gun, that's a natural response. Take note of that. The next time you watch a movie go ahead and see whether the actors blink when they fire a gun or not. You'd be surprised how often it happens.

It's maddening.

It takes effort and attention to detail to get over the fact that you're holding an explosion and it is pretty near your face. It takes training. It looks like maybe they took the time and the effort (and the money) to breed that out of this woman.

Watch this--

This is going to be a good one. . . unlike that piece of shit Quantum of Solace. What the fuck was that thing?