23 July, 2012

A Gentle Man's War

I love Foyle's War. It's a detective show that takes place during World War II and, I ignore the fact that it is a show that could be described as "World War II Detective" and the apt writing for the period, you have what is basically the most gentle program about World War II that I could ever possibly think of. It's so bucolic, it makes Ken Burns' The War look like a rap music video (but with more geezer and less women in bikinis).

There are very few gun fights (I don't even know if Foyle carries a gun. He doesn't even drive, in fact), there's no dust-ups, there are no racial slurs or cheating spouses or whores,  there aren't any autopsies, all there is are a lot of country folk and the occasional murder. It's good, old-fashioned fun with some well placed bits of historical facts and details that show that quite a lot of people put some work into thinking about life during a besieged England.

It's on PBS now. For me they show it every Sunday at nine (unfortunately in two artifically divided parts. They give George Gently his hour and a half, they give Downton its hour and a half, why not poor Mr. Foyle?). I would recommend that you check it out. It's a fun little program.

All you basically need to know about the show is that Foyle is a cop, his partner doesn't have a leg (and is now short a wife, for some reason the wives of kindly British men don't seem to be long for this world), Sam is his driver, and Hitler is the man that wants to kill them all.Together they solve crimes.

It also has a main character that is clearly drawn off of Johnny from The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, but that is neither here nor there.