14 September, 2012

Here Come Some Bold Statements Straight Up From Abbey Road

So, apparently Adele is doing work for the latest Bond film which, as Pajiba has stated is "exactly who you think" would do work on a Bond album (I then guessed correctly).

But this article (also found via Pajiba) fell into my lap. It's about the Beatles' so called "butcher album." I own that album and it feels pretty good to do so. The reason I am bragging, though, is because of the mythology and the history behind it.

It's the history of something stupid like a piece of stamped vinyl that make it important and that make it interesting. It is what makes film more interesting than DVDs and it is what makes all historical artifacts more interesting and more valuable than imitations. There's no mystery to me about art in the age of mechanical reproduction, because there will always be collectors. What I'm saying is that suckers are not the only things ever born.

Speaking of which, I saw a graphic novel about the history of the members of The Beatles. I forgot the title (because of how mundane it was) and now I can't find it. It seemed like a pretty solid piece of graphic history.

I'll try to hunt that one down. . . and I don't mean the weird Vertigo series about the super-powered non-Beatles. I will never mean that.