23 October, 2012


I get a promotion today and now I got this rumor!?

Come on, God! You owe me this much!

While I never finished The Pacific (my relationship with people with VHS and HBO was not what it was in the early 2000's), Band of Brothers is one of the best pieces of television ever made. It's a beautiful, lovingly made story about the greatest of the greatest generation. You don't so much watch a show as you get to know a great group of men-- a feeling that is only accentuated by meeting these actual men.

It wasn't sincere, it wasn't ironic, and it wasn't worshipful. It was a show that somehow was exciting and respectful at the same time. Despite all of the art and all of the choices made by the creators of the show, what you ended up with was a work of art that was somehow both realistic and mythological. As many WWII shows and movies as I have watched, Band of Brothers is the one that seems to nail the feeling of it being the way it was.

I'd be a liar if that show didn't reduce me to tears. I still get chills from the reveal in the final scene of the final episode.

I want to feel that way about a television show again.

And more than that I want to be Winters, who was a great character and a greater human being.