02 January, 2011

Another Thin Man

Alright, I'm going to try to switch up my blog for this year. I've been meaning to do so for a while, but this whole brand fresh 2011 thing gives me an excuse to clean the slate. So, I'm going to try to write a paragraph or two about every movie I see-- assuming I don't have to cancel my Netflix again (which is highly likely, so if laziness doesn't hit me first, expect this whole endeavor to drop off by maybe June).

I've written about the original Thin Man movie here and on my portfolio blog (normally this is where I'd link my review of the original film, but apparently it's locked away on Issu dot com somewhere, so fuck it, just imagine brilliant writing and call it a day), so I won't bore you

It isn't as good as the original film, not by a long shot. Maybe that's because I'm a far more jaded person or maybe it's because the originality of the first has worn off, but it's still worth seeing, if only for the inevitable dinner scene-cum-baby party-cum-mystery solution scene, which I'd say is rather unique for a piece of film.

Besides the idiosyncratic bits of the movie, it's full of the normal repartee and drunkeness that you would expect from a William Powell noir/comedy.

I was going to rewatch Collateral again and watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie today, but certain things like frostbite and vodka got in my way. Fuck it. There's always tomorrow, isn't there?

SIDE BAR: I would wreck Myrna Loy with the force of a thousand suns, I tell you what. It's one thing to be full of spunk or attitude or pip or whatever your dead grandpa calls being a handful, but it's a whole 'nother thing to be an intelligent woman. Is she as good of a detective as Nick? Fuck no, but that's like saying Ilsa wasn't as good of a secret agent as Rick-- it just ain't fair. What she is, though, is an intelligent, ambitious woman that isn't hampered by things like babies, domesticity, or her station in 1930's America. She's a goddamn pip and that's why we love her. While writing a feminist essay on The Thin Man series would be a fruitless, joyless endeavor, there is something to be said about how beautiful that woman looks in a movie full of pretty women.