08 January, 2011


Dune is a 1965 Hugo Award Winning Science Fiction novel. It went on to spawn five sequels and an unfortunate number of prequels as well as an innumerate amount of rip-offs and tributes. Since then there's been a film version of the novel (directed by an ashamed David Lynch, which, when I rented, for whatever reason was lead in by bootleg footage of a naked black woman sucking her own breast) and a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries.

None of the adaptations or sequels or tributes or prequels have ever equaled the original's impact, creativity, foresight, or wit, despite the amount of bootleg black titty.

Since 1965 there's been a number of failed adaptations. One of these adaptations-- perhaps the the most intriguing-- is Alejandro Jodorowsky's failed adaptation.

The following are his own words and the comic book artist Moebius' concept art.


There is a Hebraic legend which says: "the Messiah will not be a man but one day: the day when all the human beings will be illuminated "Kabbalistes speak about a conscience collective, cosmic, a species of méta-Universe. And here are what for me all the DUNE project was.

This night, I chooses to dine at a French restaurant and by chance I find a few steps from of our table is El Salvador Dalí who dines with his friend Amanda Lear, I say to him: "It is the objective chance". He answers me: "It is more than that. One will speak tomorrow!" the following day, I find him in the bar of the hotel San Régis.

Dalí agrees with much enthusiasm the idea to play the Emperor of the galaxy. He wants to film in Cadaquès and to use as throne a toilet made up of two intersected dolphins. The tails will form the feet and the two open mouths will be used one to receive the "wee", the other to receive the "excrement". Dalí thinks that it is of terrible bad taste to mix the "wee" and the "excrement".

The Dune project changed our life. When it was over, O'Bannon entered a psychiatric hospital. Afterwards, he returned to the fight with rage and wrote twelve scripts which were refused. The thirteenth one was Alien.

Like him, all those who took part in the rise and fall of the Dune project learned how to fall one and one thousand times with savage obstinacy until learning how to stand. I remember my old father who, while dying happy, said to me: "My son, in my life, I triumphed because I learned how to fail".

(images by Moebius via Quenched Consciousness.)

(words by Jodorowsky via Dune Info.)