17 June, 2013

Hot Springs Eternal: Road Trip Journal Part VII

Hungover. So hungover.

Maybe it's just the abuse I've done to my body, but I am in no real mood to chow down right now. So maybe that's what makes these items from La Comida so unappetizing--

Breakfast Quesadilla-- Yeah, sure, okay. I'm willing to let breakfast tacos happen, so I'll willing to let this happen. Okay. Go on.
Fruit Quesadilla-- Wait. . . What? What the fuck is that even?
Breakfast Churros-- Alright, I'm going home.
Breakfast Margarita-- Not an actual item, but it was what a man and his wife were drinking on the patio.

I'm sitting here in the shade of this hotel's awning, listening to Miles Davis and watching their waterfall flow. I'm sure I embarassed myself last night. That's almost assured. But this is the west. If I can't just get ino a vehicle and start fresh here then where could I? 

 I survived this hangover, I'll survive the next. Also, I think I drunk texted myself into a hunting trip this fall. So that's a new mistake to live through.

High Point of the Day: We found a hotel that doesn't look like a place snuff porn victims were dumped. That was great.

Seriously, though, it was Cody's Dug Up Gun Museum. It's got the coolest collection of rusty shit that you're ever going to see. I mean, if that's your sort of thing.

It isn't like the Cody Center of the West that's up the block, which is simply overwhelming with its content, this place tells a story.Why was this weapon dropped? Who was it that lost this weapon? Why weren't they ever picked up? There's some very obvious reasons for some of them, but then you wonder with

Like I was saying in an earlier entry, these things tell a story.

Low Point of the Day: At the Firearms Exhibits at the Cody Center of the West, I was looking at a Gatling Gun in a display case when I noticed an Indian fellow sitting there staring at it. He then asked me and my dad "It looks happy, doesn't it?"

I don't know if I had a good response to that.

Waldoism of the Day: “This bar is full of the three B's: Bikers, billionaires, and bums.”

Et Cetera: Besides the abundance of camping and gun stores, proof that I am no longer in California can be seen in the little things. There's the laxer smoking laws, there' the fact that I haven't seen a red curb in six days (the same goes for parking meters), and, more than anything, it's the proud lack of a state sales tax over here that really hammers home that I am not in the bureaucratic stronghold that is California. But then you just get the weird things.

“Fireworks Outlet.” Now, I don't know about you, but I were to buy fireworks, I don't think an outlet store would be the first place that I'd head to. If push came to shove, I mean.

As I am writing this in the car, a man walked by without his dog on a leash. Maybe we've got a few things figured out in California that they just don't want to admit to. The opposite is probably true of us, though, right?