18 June, 2013

The Show Men the Way Out State Part VIII

Every time I dislike something this far away from home, I get this feeling n the back of my head that I'm just that way because I'm a snooty, delicate Los Angeles douchebag.

But fuck Wyoming. It's a sea of nothing.

None of this is helped by the fact that I started my day watching Dick Cheney talk about how the NSA domestic spying program isn't being sold well because the executive branch has lost some of its respect and prestiege. Dick Cheney said that. I don't think he was being ironic.The rest of the day went kind of like that.

Being stuck in a car with my dad for the eighth day in the row is start to wear on me. I hate this state. I hate going through it. There's nothing here worth looking at any longer. I know I'll be better with it behind me. I have to be.

Alright. I'm going to finish this coffee and meet the day.

High Point of the Day: Sleep. Because Wyoming can't hurt you in your sleep.

Low Point of the Day: All of it. It just kept on going and going and then there's the tears.

Waldoism of the Day: “Just close down the border!” – His solution to our current immigration problem (note that border isn't the Canadian border for some dang reason).